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We provide high quality freight transportation services between all major cities of Latvia.


Kokvedēja pakalpojumi

We provide timber transportation services to individual sector and legal entities throughout Latvia and abroad. We offer VOLVO FH16 forwarder, equipped with computer and GPS system, hydraulic manipulators for the transport of logs with 6x4 wheel (two towing axles), which guarantees timely and quality delivery of timber to unloading points.

Treilera pakalpojumi


We offer the services of the VOLVO FH12 trailer for the individual sector and for legal entities. Lifting capacity 20 tons, platform length 19.5 m, width 3.49 m. We carry all kinds of heavy machinery, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, self-propelled machines, various oversized loads, wooden and iron constructions.

Buldozera pakalpojumi


We offer the services of the powerful bulldozer KOMATSU D39PX-21 for all types of earthworks, soil removal, soil leveling, road profiling and leveling, site preparation, road maintenance and more. Our bulldozer services are designed for any earthworks. We do our work with care and quality in a short period of time.

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