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Business card

SIA ”Niedrāji MR” is a steadily growing Latvian forestry company. We provide the highest quality, environmentally friendly roundwood preparation, delivery and timber transportation. We provide logging services throughout Latvia. The company is engaged in the provision of logging services, metalworking and the production of packaging boards.


* Farm "Niedrāji" was founded in 1992.

* Originally engaged in grain growing.

* Focused on forestry in 1999.


* In 2004, the first harvester was purchased, later others, and to this day the fleet of forest machines has reached more than forty units. The volume of the provided service has increased to 1,000,000 m3. 187 employees. Main cooperation partners: AS "Latvijas Valsts meži", private forest owners, in Sweden Skogsägarna Norra Skog.

* In 2012, received the annual award of the forest industry "Golden Cone" for innovative entrepreneurship

* For the results of 2017 work received the main prize "Golden Pine" trophy nomination "For efficiency"

* In 2017, in the nomination "For Quality" received the "Golden Pine" main recognition award.

* In 2017, the company obtained the FSI certificate.

* Professional training of staff in cooperation with LIAA; ERDF, Association "Latvian Wood Industry Federation", "Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute".


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